Product Engineering and Design: 6 Essential Tips Every Product Designer Should Be Aware Of

30 July 2021
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Designing a product is an artistic journey. The secret of making a good product is having a good product design combined with creativity and innovation. As a product designer, it is essential to incorporate the consumers' demand in your design. This requires skill, art, and intuition. To help you get started on your design, here are a few tips to consider Usefulness As you design your product, you need to remember that you are not designing for yourself but for the consumption of others. Read More 

The Top Ways That PVC-Coated Fabric Is Used Today

19 May 2021
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Chances are good that you have seen an item made from PVC-coated fabrics at some point. These multipurpose textiles are covered in a layer of PVC coating and a special bonding adhesive. Due to its versatility and durability, PVC-coated fabric is regularly used in a number of different fields and for the construction of a diverse list of products. From industrial settings to personal recreation, the applications for this unique material are quite varied. Read More 

Working With A Prototyping Service To Prefect Your CNC Program

2 March 2021
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When working with CNC (computer numeric control) machines to create a product or a part for an assembly of some kind, it is critical that you get the program right. Working with a CNC prototyping service to work out the details and the program can save you a lot of time and money, especially for small businesses that do not have engineering staff to do this work. Prototyping Process When working with a CNC prototyping service, the first thing you need is an engineering design or drawing that spells out all the specifics for the part you are trying to create. Read More